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How to create Procedural Sounds?

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    ...aaargh, i have such a headache from searching, i can find tutorials for just about _everything_ except procedural sound...

    ...I'll have to stop modding else this is really driving me insane.

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    ...anymore help on this? I've been searching for so long now it's driving me crazy. This should be a simple task, i know every property that i would have to set BUT how to set them up?

    I've seen (i think it is?) a workaround in the minigun code, where it "# exec" loads each sample and then plays them with a random function. This is not the way to create procedural sounds in the first place, is it?

    I didn't find any weapon subclass that defines procedural sound properties in it's code, yet they're all using it...
    it's heavily needed, else the sounds would drive you crazy in a couple of minutes, being the same every single shot...

    Please, if anyone knows a hint... thanks in advance.


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    Actually, I have in some old code of mine where I extended Grenade an impact sound (for karma), and it's this: ImpactSounds(0)=ProceduralSound'WeaponSounds.PGren Floor1.P1GrenFloor1'

    Now, I copied that line from Grenade.uc, and I know this because I remember it saying ProceduralSound, and wondering how they made it and all that.

    That said, Grenade.uc now shows: ImpactSound=Sound'WeaponSounds.P1GrenFloor1'

    They must have changed it, because I wouldnt have. I also notice that you cant set the parameters for procedural sounds in code without a direct reference, which none are made. Infact, the class isnt used at all anymore, and all of its defaults are 0.

    Looks to me like they're phasing this class out, and it would be wise for you to follow.

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    I found this on search. I wonder why no-one has replyed? I'm working with sounds at the mo, and i would be interested in an informative reply on this post

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  • started a topic How to create Procedural Sounds?

    How to create Procedural Sounds?

    Hello All,

    Whenever I create a new weapon or species with custom sounds, the sound volume is always a bit low. I notice that Epic will often use Procedural Sounds instead of regular sounds, and these seem to work better.

    From the ProceduralSound.uc under engine, it looks like a procedural sound accepts a regular sound and allows volume and other modifications. Looking at Epics .uax files confirms this. That's all great until...

    If I create a new procedural sound in UnrealED, and then try to bring up properties, I get nothing. No properties dialog...

    Sound GROUPS, on the other hand, work fine. I can make a new sound group, then just select my sounds and fill them in.

    Is this a bug? If so, is there a workaround? Perhaps there is a script I can run to create new procedural sounds, assign their sounds, and set the volume levels? Is there any way I can look at Epics values to get a sense of what range to use for volume, etc?

    Thanks in advance,