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    I have 3DS MAX 6 and Maya 6

    I exported a Car using Max to Maya and put some bones and Skinning but when I'm exporting the car to UnrealED The Car Is like in big Pieces is not shade it at all Why Is that

    Please Help Me

    If you want to see the Picture you can E-Mail Ne at

    I need Help

    Thanks all for the Help

    im not exactly sure. sorry if i am wrong, but i think your supposed to post this in the other page called mapping, modeling, skinning. not very many of us know this kind of stuff in this page, but i could be wrong. ( i just dont make my own skins/models.) k well thats all i can help you with. Lol, gl.


      Maybe due to the "Max to Maya" conversion.
      Have your tired exporting from MAX to another format that Maya can import.?

      I'm no expert, but I havn't seen any good Max to Maya converts yet, even thou Alias say they have a MAX2MAYA importer on their website which I can't seem to find.

      Good Luck.