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Help coding a light

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    Help coding a light

    I was trying to help someone make a light thaqt blinks 3 times then off for 15 seconds then blinks 3 times again....etc etc etc

    I cant seem to be able to get it with a scripted trigger plus I dont want it triggered.

    So I thought since I need to learn some more coding I would look at some classes and see if I can pick anything out.

    I was thinking I could make my light extend light and in the default properties make dynamiclight=true

    I think that would make a regular light have the ability to blink. BUT I dont know what to put to make it work in the time cycle alotted.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Your bes bet is a projector (with ablinking texture), since lights are no longer realtime in the 2003/4 build of Unreal


      Well a trigger light works in game blinking or pulsing if thats what your saying.

      The regular light doesnt.

      I guess thats what your talking about when you say realtime.