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Dentible Vehicles?

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    Dentible Vehicles?

    Hi, I'm working with the S-Vehicle base of UT2004 and I'm looking to find a way of making the vehicles dent when they're hit. The problem is I'm stuck already and haven't got a clue where to start because there is nothing in UT2004 that dents when shot (or is there?).

    Really all I need is a starting point to work on and I'll see what I can do. I'm not at the coding stage of being able to completely add new components and features to UT2004, I have to work off stuff that's already there.

    making some sort of hitcounter, and changing the vehicle mesh accordingly?


      Sounds good.

      I remember a few maps from UT2003 that actually made holes in terrain, like when you dropped a flak shell on it, it made a hole in the terrian or pushed it down to make a hole.

      This may be what your looking for, but i can't remember what map, or what function they were using.

      Maybe this sparks someones memory.


        thats a function called PokeTerrain.


        you could have lots of triggers that come with the vehicle (all over).

        you could then make 10000s of meshes, for every different outcome!

        anyway... :bulb:


          Well the only way i can think of is put loads of bones all over the surface of the vehicle mesh. Then when it gets hit find the closest bone and change it's location a little. I don't know if that would look very good or if it would even work properly. It doesn't sound like something easy to do.

          The most sensible option is just to project a dent texture onto the vehicle when it gets hit. That way it wouldn't really dent but it would look it.


            I was thinking perhaps something along the lines of a script-controlled xProc mesh but I can't seem to find what I need in the script itself.


              hmm, just thought of an interesting workaround:
              make a script controlled "fracturing" of the model. you would have to define each fracture point on each model that would get fractured, but it might be worth the effort. like instead of "denting" the headlight of a hellbender, have a chunk of it fly off.

              other thing would be dynamically changeable bump-maps for the vehicle that "dented" alot.


                whatever the solution, it would be complicated, and would probably need alot of processing power.

                Mayb you could fake it with custom hit decals that stayed on the vehicle. But to make a real dent, i tould manipulate individual verticies, make a script that will find the nearest one, and move it in the direction of the hit. It would be strange, but since static meshes show up with verts in UnrealEd, im sure its possible.