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UT in true 3D - anyone want a challenge!?

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    UT in true 3D - anyone want a challenge!?

    I know of a very simple and effective way of making UT truly 3D (at least i think so!) by having two slightly different views and looking at them in the correct way (see and
    However I have absolutely no experience in coding and would need someone to execute the idea for me! Could anyone point me in the right direction for help, or is anyone interested in undertaking this monumental task!

    In jargon: Could anyone make a sterioscopic viewport for UT2004?

    I understand this may have been done before for the original UT, so i expect its possible...

    As a preview of the idea, try this image:
    Looks good doesnt it!



      ahhhh!!! headache!

      do you really want to play ut looking at two images and crossing your eye sight?

      try this:

      you dont need a mod since it takes directly the directX / OpenGL output


        You know.. This is exactly what I was thinking a few days ago..
        about 10 years ago one of the big hypes was the 'Virtual reality headset' like the Forte VFX-1, but back then the computers weren't fast enough and the panels weren't great enough (altough for that time it was really awesome to see it in real 3d when watching around).
        But now the prices of LCD/tft panels have dropped so drammatically that even some of the cheaper mobilephones have better displays now then those headsets back then.
        So why aren't there any new cheap headsets as the technology has advanced so much since then that it would be rather cheap to manufacture some fine headsets instead of those lame lcdshutter glasses (they don't seem to work good for me)..

        I think it would be awesome to have UT2k4 running on a headset with tracking. oh man...........


          yeah that would awesome

          i found some nice SXGA 3d goggles with tracker:

          price, today's offer: ONLY $23,275

          ok, there are low budget goggles with SVGA resolution and no tracker.

          only $4,340

          :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

          who knows how Bill Gates plays MS Flight Simulator?


            what's about Real Life HUDs (Head Up Display) ?

            ok that was a bit OT, but these are really cool


              There is a 3d headset you can get that's not too expensive and it works with ut2004. It's only about £60.


                But with crossed eyes or maybe red/blue display then its FREE! and I like the sound of free, 3D gaming for the world!


                  I played through a lot of Deus Ex in 3D. It was fun.


                    yep, these are shutter glasses. I had one too, from nVidia. It's weighted about 7 pounds and it had a 70cm wire :bulb:

                    so i was playing games sticked to my pc case, squinting with my left eye to the monitor :weird: ...
                    ahhh, good ol' times


                      Back in old UT days i bought myself some... "Elsa" 3d goggles" or what the.. but anyways they didn't work. I phoned around and asked and people told me that it's **** playing with them. Looks not that good, you get headache and it's bad for the eyes. So i let go.
                      Don't know how it is today but i'M definitely not putting on some huge bunch of technology on my head. I'll stay with old school monitors :P


                        Apparently there's a brand out now that's actually quite good. There was a review in PC Gamer but I just can't remember the name.


                          the problem with shutter glasses is that you need an awesome monitor with at least 120Hz Vertical Refresh rate... so you'll see an image with 60Hz which really isn't a lot...

                          and now, 7h3 0n|1 p055ib|3 smily:


                            Yeah, I had shutterglasses too, but they just don't work for me..
                            I had tried the original virtuality cabinets with Dactyl nightmare, and I once had a forte VFX1 on my head, even with their crude 320x200 displays per eye it was still way better than the shutterglasses, especially ofcourse because you can look around.

                            later there was also the VFX3D but I never seen that one myself (I read that it was UT99 compatible)..
                            I think produced in mass it wouldn't cost a lot of money to make a consumer quality product with say 800x600 displays per eye a headset and a simple tracker. ofcourse it propably will still be too expensive for the regular gamer I guess