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Writing DLLs for mods?

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    Writing DLLs for mods?

    Okay, I've searched around a bit but I can't find a diffinitive answer:

    Is it possible to write your own DLLs which can be accessed through native functions in UT2004?

    If not, was it possible in Unreal? I remember reading tutorials on how to do it way back then, but I never see it mentioned anymore.

    If the answer is no, then I am sad, because there is no way to do what I want to do in UScript (that I know of.)

    There is public source code available for Unreal1 v224 and UT1 v436 (and I think 432) however there is no 'public' source available for U2/Ut2k3/4 BUT I believe you can email Epic and ask for partial access to the source. (partial as in just simple header files like in the previous games public source)

    This will most likely involve you having to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for legal purposes...and that's assuming they actually agree that you can access the source

    I personally think this would be VERY difficult unless your part of a semi-professional mod group or something (and have a damned good reason for wanting the source) because they are very very carefull about giving people access to source.


      my guess is just buy an unreal technology liscence, that would give u all those dlls. But what do you want to do? Theres a surprising number of things unreal is capable in one way or another. Ill bet, if u want, you could make an OS out of it


        AI, Physics, and you're own redering additions (say bump mappping) would benifit form native access


          A license (to create a whole new game and sell it) costs something up to $100,000 IIRC

          If you simply ask for limited access to the source you can get it for free, you just have to sign an NDA. (hell I know some people that got the whole game source of Ut2k3 by signing an NDA)

          What that means is you can use it for creating a mod or tool for a SPECIFIC game.


            wow, i knew the cost, but had no idea u could get the source by promising not to share it, thats really awesome for the more complex mods. Then again if you pay the 100 grand, you can sell and market any mods u create


              What I want to be able to do is to draw a graph with several different colored lines given some data, and export it out as a compressed .jpg file. I have done this in C++, but I'm pretty sure it's impossible in UnrealScript.

              Could anyone point me in the right direction for who I should email about possibly signing an NDA and getting some limited source?

              Edit: Last time I checked, I remember the cost of the license being $750,000. I could be wrong though.


                its alot of money regardless....

                Well it is possible to graph data, you could even spawn like modified look targets, then trace tracers to each one, so you could graph in a level. Then you could take a screenshot (BMP format), but if you can already do it in c++, y do it in unreal?


                  Because my mod... is for unreal.

                  My main project is a statlogging mod called OLStats - it exports HTML pages for every match you play, as well as pages representing your career totals, highest scores from individual matches, career totals for each player, etc. What I want to do is add graphs in different places. To do this I need actual files, and they need to be automagically generated for each page.

                  It's easy if it were PHP or something, because it could all be done serverside - but the point of this feature is that it's all HTML and any average Joe can get spiffy complete stats from his botmatches or LAN parties.

                  So I need the ability to create dynamic pieces of art and save them out as .jpg files to the UserLogs directory.


                    that sounds awesome, but you could probably export data to a file, and then run a c++ exe after its done to make the pics, or make a java app that does the graphs when u open the page.

                    I guess your way would involve rendering in the background to make the stats at the end of the game. You could try making a level like a tiny room, then having either bars or lines move them to their appropriate height, and once again take a screen, and you could load this tiny level after the main one. I know you can make the unreal engine compute stuff after the match is done, like saved stats and scores, but i have no idea how you would make it 'render' a graph and export it without like a matinee camera and a seperate room level afterwards....

                    Grood luck!


                      I think it would be much less bother for you to make your program communicate with Ut2k4 through the UDPLink or TCPLink communication ports found in IPDrv.u

                      Getting an NDA just for what you want (I said something similar earlier) would be more difficult than it's worth IMO when you can do this in a different way.