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Recruitment project to vehicle coders that are NOT busy

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    Recruitment project to vehicle coders that are NOT busy

    Well, since you clicked this link, I presume you are a coder.

    I am one of the project leaders of UCC (Or UTCC), which stands for Unreal Command & Conquer. We have been busy these last weeks creating lots of vehicles from Command & Conquer as models for Unreal, but right now we only have one possible coder.

    I think it's best to try and get another good coder who can help us make sure all the vehicles work like we want them to.

    Right now, we have, amongst a few other things:

    The Robot Tank/Turret (undecided wether it will be a tank or a turret)
    The Apocalypse Tank
    The BattleFortress
    The Tesla Tank
    The Kirov Airship
    The Nod Laser Turret
    The Prism Tank

    All these have been modeled, though not a single one has been shown with full texures, only the kirov showing a good texture right now.

    We ask of the interested people if they want to help us out making the code of the vehicles work and allow vehicles like the Prism Tank to fire correctly and with allt he special effects we want them to have.

    This will be a smaller project for coders, since it won't be huge gametype alterings right now. We first want a vehicle pack to switch vehicles around, then we'll see about total conversions.

    For more information, just reply to the thread, I'll be sure to give you answers ASAP and AGAIC (as good as I can )


    i really think that there cant be that many vehicle coders that are NOT busy....

    But id b willing to take one on after i beta the assault map im working on. Just 2 conditions that id need.....
    Condition of the First: The meshes (including static and destroyed) are in there respective unreal packages (no exporting :bulb: ), and the textures and any sounds too.

    Condition of the Second!: You tell me what u want it to do, and if u need effects, show me a screenshot, i have all the C&Cs except for RA2, and im guessing thats the one this uses mods .

    BTW the map will be well on its way to final by the MSU 4th round, so i can start in maybe 1 or 2 weeks, but i coule do at least workable coding with effects and playability probably in less than 3 weeks, like good playability and shooting and such.

    If i u need it sooner, sorry, but i hope u get some people to do this!


      I am free now, but I have the same requirements as DaJMasta. I dont want to deal with any exporting/importing.

      If you are interested, PM me an I will give you an email addy that you can use to get a hold of me. I am free for about a week, but then depending on circumstances, I may be unavailable for a while. I will know for sure within a few days wether or not I will be able to code for a while.