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When a mutator is not a mutator!

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    When a mutator is not a mutator!

    Working on a UT2004 project and it needs to make sure no other mutators are acting on the UDamage.  Sounds simple enough, just look through the list of active mutators registered to the level, then whack the ones we don't want.  If only...

    The UDamage Reward mutator does not to appear in this list, even though it seems to just be a regular mutator.  I've got a feeling I can simply take the UDamageRules class out of the Rules chain to acheive the same effect, but it's annoying that I can't just kill the mutator straight off.

    If any one knows why this mutator seems to be protected, and how to do it (I'm working on a project that may need to protect some mutators to ensure it works properly) I'd be most grateful for the information <me looks towards the Epic programmers>.

    EDIT: it would appear that all the xGame mutators are hidden.&nbsp;&nbsp;Grrrrrrrr!

    Figured it out.&nbsp;&nbsp;They're not protected at all.&nbsp;&nbsp;Just not being created before my mutator, so as far as it's concerned they are not in the mutator list.

    Sorry for the stupidity of the original post.&nbsp;&nbsp;I need to get to bed.