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script for changing character

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    script for changing character

    I've done two custom models of me and my brother that we want to use in LAN play. However, if he joins my server, his player settings for his custom character are discarded and some default-player-model is automatically selected for him. After he selects another character and than back again his own, he appears as "himself" in the game.

    Now how could a script look like that changes the character to something default setting and then back to the original setting? We could then attach that script to a key and press it every time after a join.

    Thx to all the experts out there!!!

    Do both computers have the model, textures, animations, ect...? Because that could cause the problem.

    Ask for the question you asked, I have no idea.


      Yes, both have the model (ukx), textures (utx) and player definition (upl). Everything just works fine, but not until the client changes his character while already connected to my server.

      The wierdest thing is: other custom models work without this problems!

      I've just found the error by myself:
      The "DefaultName" in the .upl player definition file may not contain whitespaces!! (°°)