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the movement of an arrow

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    the movement of an arrow

    Hi. I am making a crossbow and other arrow stuff.

    I have my arrow projectile. It flies through the air like an arrow apart from the fact that its rotation doesnt change while it is moving.

    I thought a good way to solve this problem would be to use the last location and current location variables.

    so basically i have a 3d line in space, from vector A to vector B and i want to find out which way this 3d line is pointing in terms of pitch, yaw and roll.

    Can anyone help me?

    can i use this native function at all?
    function rotator OrthoRotation( vector X, vector Y, vector Z );

    Vector B - Vector A will give you a vector for the line of fire.
    To get this as a direction you need to normalise it (turns it into a unit vector, a vector with a magnitude of one). From that you can turn it into a rotator.

    here is how it would look in code:

    local vector A,B;
    local rotator rot;



      thankyou. I knew it was something along those lines.
      I have quite a cool arrow now which moves nicely and sticks in walls.