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Function Trigger on dedicated Server

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    Function Trigger on dedicated Server

    Getting more and more into unreal script and I am stuck again ....

    Did someone succeed in using the trigger function?

    I have map a small map including a standard trigger-actor having as event "MyTriggerTest" and a small message to verify its triggered.

    my MytriggerTest - Class looks like:

    class MyTriggerTest extends actor;
    function trigger(Actor other, Pawn EventInstigator )
       log("MyTesttrigger triggerd");
       super.trigger(other, EventInstigator);
    The serverlog shows that my Mytriggertest actor is spawn (due to a beginplay - function in this class) but the logs dont show the trigger-entry.

    Is trigger only clientside (which I doubt) or am I missing some bool statement. Sure, I could use the touch function for my actor but
    this wont really help me understanding triggers....

    Thanks of any hint

    Andreas (PVC)

    i can and have used the trigger function to trigger emitters, but if ur making one of ur own, y not extend trigger? whats with extending actor, i mean a trigger already extends actor. If you extend the existing trigger class, instead of remakin one from scratch, it should work, cause any one u made from scratch wouldnt be integrated into Unreal for actual use.

    Have fun with that.


      As far I understood the trigger concept, you could use the generic trigger to call the "trigger-function" from a actor derived class.

      So I wanted to test this but its not working somehow.. Maybe I am just missing some default setting or my trigger is not setup correctly (event = MyActorDerivedClass) or I misunderstood the concept of the function trigger / untrigger.



        Well the obvious answer would be to look into the Trigger class and see if there any default properties that need to be set to true.


          ..stupid.... my example is working ... I had a typo in the Event-Tag of the standard trigger....

          sorry - So to conclude - the standard trigger setup with Event = (Your_Actor_Derived_Class) will call the function trigger of your class.

          Thanks all - another UTScript problem solved :-)