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    Client to server question

    Is it possible to have a texture on part of a model that can be sent from a client to the server?

    What I mean is, can there be a texture that can be altered by a clan, for example, that has their logo, and when they join games, that texture is uploaded to the server, and all the players in the game can see the clans logo in the game.

    It's kinda confusing, but it's just like the armpatches from Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear, Raven Shield, if any of you play those games.

    If you need more description, or if it's too confusing, let me know. Thanks

    Uh, anyone?


      A client can send data to the server - using a tcp/ip connection.

      But isnt it easier to upload the new texture onto the server using ftp ?

      Maybe I am missing your question ...



        Yea, your kinda missing my question lol

        It's much easier to explain if you knew about the armpatches in any tom clancy game.

        Here's the whole run down (I'll just use the Rogue Spear game as an example):

        In the game, there is a section called "armpatches". In this section, you can choose from several different images, such as a smiley face, the company logo, the game's task force team (R6), and many other images. The image you select will be displayed on the arm/shoulder of your character when you play a multiplayer game, and every person in the game will see the image you selected.

        Now, the beauty of this is the fact that you could alter, say the company image to look like, let's say, your clan logo. Now when you play multiplayer, every player now see's the clan logo in the game, even though the other players do not have that image on their hard drive.

        I thought this would be a great idea for a UT2004 mod, and I'm just wondering if this was possible.


          It would be possible to let the client manipulate a image and upload it automatically onto the server. Client and server have methods to move data form the server to the client and vice versa.

          When does the server broadcast the updated picture to the clients ? I can imagine that it might produce quite a lag - so playerstart would be a good moment to do so.



            Originally posted by PVCGilde
            When does the server broadcast the updated picture to the clients ? I can imagine that it might produce quite a lag -

            I honestly have no idea when the info is transferred. I never noticed much lag in the game to begin with, so that doesn't help either (but hey, lag free game )

            Sorry it's not much help


              You basically have 3 tasks:

              1. You have to extend UT2004 so it can handel custom textures on the fly.
              2. you have to give the player some tool on his client to modify the textures
              3. you have to ensure everything is transfered from the player to the server and then to all connected clients.

              All these 3 tasks are (IMHO) not done within 3 days... so youre asking for quite a task to fulfill here.

              For 1 - I have no idea - but this question has been raised quite a bit - try searching for textures on this forum

              For 2 - this is a custom menu being enhance with some bit-map-painting feature ..

              For 3 - you need a mechanism called replication - see for some details on this.

              Coming back to your original question: yes its possible - I like the idea - maybe (if time allows), I will include this in a mutator so its widely usable.