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forcing non-mesh collision check

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    forcing non-mesh collision check

    I have a runtime created GameObjective (not placed in a compiled map), that has a collision radius of 150 and height of 150. Works great, but if I add a staticmesh the collision drops to 1, regardless of manual code sets.

    I tried setting the default, undocumented, unreferenced

    but that doesnt appear to work (i'd assumed native code might reference it).

    I also cant seem to get to the mesh itself and change the collision: the only variable i see is StaticMeshInstance which is undocumented.
    Anyone have any ideas?

    I havent gotten into mesh creation that much, but I tried creating one (converted from brush) but it always resets the collision when i save it. If i could create a mesh and have it save the collision i set that would work too...

    Soo, multiple paths, anyone have an endpoint?

    So, forcing the collision check to false doesnt appear to work at runtime or some such.

    I copied an existing engine mesh in UED, added karma box collision and saved it. set use collision check to true and everything worked fine. probably better that way anyway, since i can change the hill without changing code


      still didnt resolve this in an OO manner, i DID get it working with cylinder collision on the object, or by using mesh collision AND setting the collision AND having a collision setup on the staticmesh. Unfortunately, when using the mesh it still apparently requires the objects collision to be setup.

      If anyone knows a way of forcing the object to use mesh collision (which is what i should have been doing) and the mesh collision size, let me know. I dont want have to change the Hill size everytime the mesh changes--it should be grabbing it from the mesh. Alternatively, If anyone has access to the API for staticmeshinstance, i might be able to use that--unfortunately it's not in the epic non-licensee source.