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How to Recruit a Programmer

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    i gota say wow. thats so true: "Rather, "Wow, that sounds like a lot of work". "

    the first thing i think of when coding is the amount of effort to produce something. and with placeholder art i can only say its like the thing youd use to hold something together while the glue sets. lastly as for coders not being creative, think about your cars engine. out of all the car owners out there how many of you actualy know how your engine works to the bolt? the thought that went into producing a cars engine is under the surface and something that isnt the first thing most people see. knowing this a coder needs a reason to put in the effort to something most people wont look at and only complain about if it fails.

    good post james btw cool game


      How about my Communist Aggression Recruitment one? I tried to follow your sugguestions but so far no posts. Am I just rushing things or maybe the mod idea isn't very interesting? Any and all help would be appricated, also where would I find a good skinner? I think I've got the coders covered now but Skinners... thats another story.

      Thanks in advance!


        it may not be very interesting to the people here, although they might also be busy (with other projects, such as myself). Dont think it's just not interesting tho.

        also, to get skinners you might wanna check out a photoshop forum or something. Programmers generally dont focus on graphics


          Very Useful and constructive post, here.

          Well this as close to truth as it can be. Recruiting coders for a mod
          is not much different as recruiting coders for some company: both need content to start working fast. It must be clear, simple, and effective. I don't think coders like to lose their time for misunderstandings. Also, I personnally think that you must give a chance to beginner to intermediate coders, as they "learn at war"

          I'm not saying to take a complete newb for lead coder, but include one or two in your team: making a mod is free, and you have all the time you want to finish it. New coders will take experience with your project, and at the end, not only you will
          feel proud for having completes a kick-*** mod, but you will feel proud for 'forming' new contributors as well. That applies to every
          category too.

          I honestly think that the goal of a community is exactly to help
          people who want to learn your steps.

          hmmm... err... well... ok I think that does it. I bid you all to forgive me for any syntax or grammatical errors you may have found, but i'm not so fluent in english.:cry:


            Yea, I agree with letting others "learn" with experiance. Our mod is now full with coders 2 are experienced and another 2 are learning what they can.


              Yeah I was just thinking about that reading this topic.

              Any newbie you bring into your team will learn alot about everything just by watching and asking a few questions witch are normaly simple.

              Another good advantage of this is they will feel loyal to you because you thought them so much.

              Unlike a pro programmer who knew everything already and was just doing what he was told.

              And they will also work better because of that.

              They will feel more relaxed in the team because they were never stressed to make anything big and that will help them work better(and faster) and enjoy what they are doing.

              Plus you would become freinds and doing things with freinds is much better then people you dont know

              I hope I brought some 14 year old wisdom to this topic.


                Wow thats alota stuff to read and im not even gonna bother. Fun Fact: not all people are the same.




                    Twinkies help too.


                      the best way to recruit a programmer :
                      download wotgreal
                      bookmark unrealwiki
                      make some copy/paste in woatgreal
                      take a look at the result
                      try to find why in the wiki
                      do it again


                        Originally posted by Messenger
                        Do most programmers wish to have more influence or less?
                        i like to have ALOT of input on the influence , but when the workload gets big, i like to be able to concentrate on coding.


                          hi im new here


                            how about how to recruit a programer that actually works, or for that matter a mod member that actually works.

                            I'm often tempted to form a mod and rather than delete the sitters from the team list just keep them see how many i can collect, at the end of a certain time limit id move them to a separate list and count them, i rekon if you continually boosted the mod with content, that youd have to do yourself of course and with lots of advertising and pimping plus constant recruitment after release of any new material, i rekon you could get 100 time wasters over a 2 year period.

                            You could have a separate list for a higher score of people that join mods get acepted then don't join, the number could be even higher in that chart, i myself had 11 in a 4 week period of recruitment, i rekon thats a good score, can you do better? of course this hobby does take time, one cannot just rush into without expending time, one must carefully craft ones recruitment, any errors and anything slightly amiss will be graciously pointed out to you by the gaurdians of higher light that patrol the forums, so one must be carefull not to incur their roth by a bad recruitment drive, so go into a good carier of mod sitter catching one must put good time and patience into the recruitment speil, also one must also be sure to have something to give for daring to ask for mod sitters, so always time these recruitments around the time of a release of media that you have made as a honey pot for prospective mod sitters, that way one can ensure maxium netting of the mod sitter and avoid most of the roth of the ever watchful gaurdians of higher light that will be ever watchfull of any slip of etiquette and servitude not shown to your audience of potential mod sitters.

                            Happy hunting.


                              That was a great read JamesWalkoski. I'm looking to creat an RPG TC for UT2004/7, it will help when I start looking for Programmer/coders...

                              PS would offering to pay a coder for his work speed thinks along ???


                                Me and me team (FTM) are making a game we need programmers and many smart people more. We need many information too its gona be. FPS 3D RPG
                                Something like Unreal but then as a RPG FPS 3D

                                Greetings Jeroen Beekman