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Water Based Vehicles and Land

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    You may want to check what volume the vehicle is in/touching before you apply the velocity.

    I havent coded any vehicles, but in the code where the vehicle accelerates and what not, check the physics volume that its touching. If its not water, set everything to 0.

    But then again, that would prob cause your vehicle to get stuck immediately. So maybe only for foward motion. I'm not sure, but maybe you can work that part out. Just check the volume heh.

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  • started a topic Water Based Vehicles and Land

    Water Based Vehicles and Land

    I have a ship that works rather well on normal non-modified water volumes. Unfortunately, the vehicle is quite amphibious at the moment which isn't a characteristic I want. Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep the ship water based? I currently have the ship based on ONSTrackedVehicle.