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XRT looking for scripters

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    XRT looking for scripters

    Unreal XRT is looking for a few progammers to join our team. This mod is about 80% done with lots of quailty work, we just dont have any scripters to string it all together. Anyone who joins our team will be inclueded in the Make Somthing Unreal Contest with us.(Planning to enter phase 4)

    For those who dont know what XRT is, heres a link and description of

    XRT is a bike racer/combat Modification for UT2004. It can be summed up as Twisted Metal meets Akira (Anime Movie). Its game types consists of Race, Team/deathmatch, hold the beacon and a advanced version of onslaught. This list may change or grow.

    Players are unable to get off their bike, weapons are picked up by driving over them. Each bike has is own unique special attack and limited number of weapons it can hold at one time. Bikes also have their own driving characteristics and heat emission which takes part in heat seeking weapons. All the bikes fall into one of the three category's, Heavy, medium and light. Based on which class you pick, your character will be armed with personal weapon depending on the bike category. If you select a heavy bike, you receive a one handed shotgun, if medium you receive a SMG, and a enforcer (hand gun) for light.

    Players can mix and match any character with any bike, there is no difference in performance when it comes to selecting a character.

    All of this listed above will be in the first release of XRT, in the future we plan to have a second release with a all new single player based on bike gangs, crime and money. Also it will include new weapons, bikes, maps, characters and more.

    If anyone has any questions or comments, u can reach us by email or forums.(either these forums or the XRT forums)