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Assault tracking icon not updating

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    Assault tracking icon not updating

    I'm using a custom GameObject (like the EnergyCore) with corresponding spawn and delivery actors in an assault map. It's all functional and works fine, except for one thing.

    There's that little icon (triangle with BR ball on it) that pops up on screen to show where the object currently is, or in which direction it is if it's out of your FOV; this icon is not updating correctly. If the object is brought into a zone that isn't being rendered, the icon just sits in place and does not follow the object anymore (until you either go to the icon's zone, in which case it disappears, or you find the object carrier, in which case the icon updates again).

    Does anyone know how to override this behaviour? I've tried all the options I know of and I'm a little lost as to where to look now.

    It's a relevancy issue. You could flag the ball carrier as bAlwaysRelevant when they get the ball, but that seems a bit excessive. You could also generate a linked replication info that holds the location and attach it to the player replication info of the ball carrier and render the hud icon that way, I think.