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Minigun turret on Hellbender

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    Minigun turret on Hellbender


    I'm workin' on an Hellbender and I want to mount on it a minigun turret instead of beam turret. Is it possible to attach the AS Minigun Turret to the truck?

    I've even build a 3D model of a similar turret with rotating barrels but I don't know how to code its class.

    Any suggestions?


    Try changing the "GunClass" parameter inside Onslaught.ONSPRVRearGunPawn to "GunClass=UT2k4Assault.ASTurret_Minigun" and see what that does.

    Or, inside ONSPRV.uc, change this line:
    PassengerWeapons(1)=(WeaponPawnClass=Onslaught.ONS PRVRearGunPawn,WeaponBone="Dummy02")

    to read:
    PassengerWeapons(1)=(WeaponPawnClass=UT2k4Assault. ASTurret_Minigun,WeaponBone="Dummy02")

    I'm not really sure how the turrets are set up, if they have their own pawn and then a GunClass inside of that, or if it's all one piece. I think the latter example - changing the "PassengerWeapons(1)=" - could be the ticket. I haven't tried it, so I'm not sure.

    See what happens. Good luck!


      Thanks for your answer, but unfortunately your solution doesn't work...

      I think I'll try to associate the minigun model I've built to another class...I won't use the ONSPRV Rear Gun class, but the class of the Goliath's mini-turret. Then I'll try to animate the rotating barrels.



        I tested this out myself, the reason you couldnt put that minigun turret straight on is because it is not a pawn... as you can see in the original it is ONSPRVRearGunPawn but ASTurret_Minigun doesnt have pawn in it. I tried attaching Onslaught.ONSManualGunPawn and this worked, although it was hilarious! The problem being that the gun attaches half way through probably because it has no bone at its base (or it must attach at the origin of the turret), and there is no offset in the PassengerWeapons struct. So I had the turret scraping on the floor as I was driving along and eventually tipping the whole vehicle backwards