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Modifying existing material

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    Modifying existing material

    I'm using Material'XGameShaders.PlayerShaders.VehicleSpawnSh aderRed' in my mutator at the moment. At first, I meant it as a place holder until I could generate my own material texture, but eventually I just left it in place.

    Now I'm reconsidering: I'd like to extract the original texture, modify it, and use my own. Can anyone tell me where I can find the original texture? I tried exporting from every utx I could find and couldn't seem to find it. Not only that, the results I got didn't seem to work in the editors I tried -- what do I need to edit a texture?

    I'd use UnrealEd to extract it, but for damned reason I get this everytime I run it:

    Build UT2004_Patch_[2004-06-11_16.51]

    OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
    CPU: AuthenticAMD PentiumPro-class processor @ 1802 MHz with 511MB RAM
    Video: RADEON 9000 SERIES (6404)

    Assertion failed: WhiteCircle [File:.\UnTerrainTools.cpp] [Line: 788]

    History: FTerrainTools::Init

    Bloody annoying that!

    Okay, I managed to get into UnrealEd on another machine, so now I know that Material'XGameShaders.PlayerShaders.VehicleSpawnSh aderRed' is not actually a static texture, but a material derived from the texture.

    So I'd like to change my question

    I'm really just looking for exactly the same effect I'm getting using the above Material, I'd just like to use it as a different colour. If I can just tweak that through code (ie. inhereit from the above Material and change the colour) I'd love to do that! If I can't, well, I'll make it from scratch if someone can give me a hand with the steps required. If I have to expore the base texture and re-create it, I guess I will -- I'd just rather not have to include a UTX for my mutator if I can at all help it


      Addendum: I can't seem to pull the texture TransPlayerCellRed from UnrealEd -- it only exports it as a DDS (Direct Draw Surface?!). Naturally, if I'm going to import the **** thing to use a material I need a PCX (at least, when I try the #exec texture import with a .DDS, it fails compilation). When I try to convert the .dds to a .pcx using a convertor, I'm told it's invalid. *gurgle*

      So please, if I can't tweak an existing material via code (still devoutly hoping that's possible!) could someone explain how to export my desired (see above posts) in a format that I can then import back into my mutator?


        get dds2tga, convert the dds to a tga, then convert it to a pcx ( or leave as a tga ).


          Yes! That's done it! Thanks supun, I thought when it failed to load in my image convertor that the .dds was not what I thought it was (or bad), but it works fine! Thanks a lot!


            Okay, it's working now -- I've got my very own material that I can use to paper over my object using SetOverlayMaterial(), like I was with the original built-in texture. Of course, it looks *really* ugly right now because I'm just mapping the texture over top as is.

            I need to refine the texture to match the original material XGameShaders.PlayerShaders.VehicleSpawnShaderRed -- any ideas on how to do this? I can get the scale & pan values from UnrealEd I think, but how do I apply them in UnrealScript to my material?