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spawnbot via key press

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    I figured out how to spawn the bots in the meantime but I'm still stuck in erasing the flags........ I'll give a try to your solution......

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    If you want to spawn bot during gameplay try to use ForceAddBot()

    If u want to get rid of the flags you can achieve that by simply running xgame.xdeathmatch gametype on ctf map.

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  • started a topic spawnbot via key press

    spawnbot via key press

    Two problems for you guys !

    First problem :

    In my mod, i try to spawn a new bot when the *client* press a key.

    I use a new gametype and a mutator (which I call via the MutatorClass).
    My gametype extends xTeamGame.

    First I tried the interaction way. The interaction works properly but I end with a function KeyEvent where I'm unable to call SpawnBot.

    After I tried the mutate function which works very well too but again calling SpawnBot from this place seems to be impossible.

    In the gametype I can call Spawnbot but can't check a keypress !

    Second problem :

    I use CTF maps. But I want to get rid of the flags. In my mutator I call the CheckReplacement function like a brute ! The flag base disappears but not the flag itself...........

    if ( Other.IsA('xRealCTFBase') || Other.IsA('xRedFlagBase') || Other.IsA('xRedFlag') || Other.IsA('xBlueFlagBase') || Other.IsA('xBlueFlag') || Other.IsA('xCTFBase') || Other.IsA('CTFFlag'))

    How to do ?
    I'm always using Wiki and the search option of this forum, but this time I'm stuck even with these tools... Any help would be greatly appreciated.