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Anyone working on or know of an RPG similar to L2

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    Anyone working on or know of an RPG similar to L2

    But not Lineage 2 or UOX. Im curious how difficult it is(aside from the server itself) To make such a game. Any information,links etc would be appreaciated.


    Aside from the server itself? You're shrugging off a multi man-year engineering effort pretty easily

    On the unreal engine technology page Epic mentions that it's difficult but not impossible. Interpret that as you will


      I'll tell you right now that if you're trying to do this through modding only, it isn't going to happen. Like data says, the server is the most crucial and difficult part to engineer. From what i've seen in L2, every "zone" of the world map is a seperate unreal map, and they are somehow spliced together at the edges like a jigsaw puzzle using engine modifications i can't even begin to fathom. You can see where one map meets another because there are actually very visible seams at the edges due to bad level design. On top of that L2 uses several different machines to run one single server: one dedicated to inventory (items), one to npc's and monsters, one that controls the persistent world and players, maybe even one more to transmit miscellaneous server data like location and player chat. And there's still a lot more that i haven't been able to wrap my brain around yet...

      So basically, yea, you're in for a hell of a challenge


        I was thinking a bit less than that.

        Lets look at it this way. In mod form lets forget about saving stats and just let the game be as is.

        Would have basic classes, Warrior, Archer, Wizard, Assassin, Cleric.

        No targetting system, just pure FPS, each class would be given certain skills, assasins get cloak, clerics can heal, wizards nuke etc.

        All spell type abilities would use the same ammo which would be mana.

        Would it be possible for a cleric to just point at a team member and heal them? To heal themselves?

        How hard is it for a warrior to just have a non ranged melee weapon? He would have to have a charge ability that makes him run twice as fast as others becaues he has no ranged attack.

        Wizards would have a sort of missle lock, so that they dont always miss thier nukes.

        I guess I meant a medievil type mod itself as opposed to a full fledged rpg that saves stats and chars on the server.

        Does this sound more doable?



          That's doable. Also you could do a lot of stat saving server side, similar to how L2 saves characters, with clever use of the integrated web features and a mysql database somewhere. The only thing you would have really run into problems with would be creating the giant, seamless, persistent world that most mmorpg's have. But if you're not doing that, you won't run into any impassable technical issues.



            I am currently working on a RTS + RPG mod. And it will be set in a medieval/fantasy world (Warcraft style). Check out the link in my sig if you are interested.

            Currently, I am implementing the RTS part of it (actually just the building placement), but soon I will start on the RPG part since that would probably be more interesting.


              Sounds like you're looking at a pretty straightforward class-based mod with a lot of tweaks. You should probably start with tutorials on making your own gametype, then making that class-based, and progress out from there as you need to to create your new weapons and powers and such.



                An RPG TC for UT2004 I am currently developing. RPG's are very doable...just takes alot of time and work.


                  You could give a peek to this Open Source MMO Engine:

                  it was used to make which is pretty sweat when I beta tested it.

                  I think its a great idea and concept they got The source is free and open to everyone but they "sell" their "content" used by the open source engine as online service.