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Co-directing UScripter? Rats! mod wants YOU.

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    Co-directing UScripter? Rats! mod wants YOU.

    Hallo all you Unreal Monkeys! First post is a recruiting post, bad form for a fellow, I know.

    I'm looking for a UScripting talent (hopefully you) to help me develop an old concept with a new twist, the Rats! mod. What is the Rats! mod? Well, do you remember those macro scaled Rat maps from the Quake 2 and Half-Life days? The ones where you fought people on the side of a bath tub while using a bar of soap as cover? Imagine taking the idea a little further, mixing it with a little Conker's Bad Fur Day and a bit of animé overkill storylines and what will you get? The Rats! mod.

    Currently the mod is in its early stages, I have a design document that you are free to peruse, a rat Rifler character that I am currently animating, a bank of in-game textures that I need to reorganise, and some static meshes.

    Rats! Mod UT2004 Design Document

    Rat Rifler

    Some static meshes

    Work will pick up pace next week when college finishes (2nd of July), we're hoping for a first release (beta 0.5 - 1 gametype, 2 characters; rat rifler, mouse rifler) by the end of August. What I need right now is someone who knows UScript, has examples of work I can see, and can look at my design document and think "Yup, I can code that."

    If you think you're the person for the job, please mail or contact me at

    By all means feel free to ask any questions or comment concerning the mod, the team, me, my personal life and quite possibly anything else, I'll try my best to answer.