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    TC help starting up...


    I want to take on a TC idea I have been puttting together. Since I dont think I could get skilled people to join my "team" without anything to show I decided to start doing some of the coding, since I am a crappy modeler, level designer.

    I know a bit of programming, being a web programmer. But this is all a bit overwhelming...

    I setted up my folders and my UT2K4Mod.ini for my TC. I havent made a my menu yet. Because I'd like to get going with the coding.

    blah blah blah blah.. My Question is how do I Clear the basic UT2004 and make way for my TC? for example Clearing all the HUDs? Emptying all weapons. so I can start blank sorte of speak?

    I was thinking of extending a new game type? but isnt it different for a TC?

    any pointers welcome


    you extend as basic gametype.

    If your tc is going to similar to deathmatch you may want to extend DeathMatch.

    same goes for HUDs and menus.

    and then overwrite stuff.

    you should also get WOTgreal, its a scripteditor and compiler. Very nice.

    should probably go to 3dbuzz and watch the training videos.

    And you should probably just start small. Little things first.

    Im no expert myself tho.3d buzz



      so basicly a TC is the same thing as a new game type except its sorte of isolated in the community section and is loading with its own menus etc... kind of taking over UT2004?

      So I create my new game type and within it clear the huds and weapons? or is that mutators?

      I watched all the 3dbuzz tutorials on the second DVD. and read lots of forums. but I think the Whole concept of how UT2004 is functioning is missing in my head...

      ChoasUT2 is a TC. It is a gathering of new gametypes, new weapons and mutators which makes it a TC?

      I think what i'm missing is an idea of what happens where in the UT2004 classes. For example a new GUImainMenu... where do I expand from? what is it connecting to? How am I activating it in the TC? I feel like i'm poking in the dark and hitting nothing but air

      is there a place where we could get a Relations of the classes? What is happening at which level so I can extend classes at the right level?

      Thanks guys



        Hey man.
        I've never made any TC in my life, but i think that things goes a bit like this.

        First of all think of what is a TC. A tc is bunch of gametypes with new models, new skins and new almost everything. I say almost because is codders can't start from scratch (thanks native functions).
        Now lets see... can you add new models to original UT? Yes you cna.
        Can you add new maps to original UT? of course!
        new skins? new game types? new... well.. you see the point

        A MOD (with the capital letters meaning a TC with its separete folder and stuff) is just another extensions of the game that requires a lot more of work
        You cna easily see UT2004 as a MOD, but it is the "original" MOD.

        So the first thing you need to do (as a coder) is to continue extending your classes so they will do what you want. Unfortunelly tehre is no such thing now as "Ow, read this book and you will know everything about UScript". You still have to spend days looking at the code trying to figure out WHY Steven and the rest of the Epic guys did what they did to make this thing work

        To replace the inital classes (like the loading screen, the main menu, the initial map) go look at the ut2004.ini. You will find lots of interesting variables references in there.

        Ok... reading it again i tihnk i was a little confusing!
        Making a long speech short: the best way to make you TC is read the code, read tutorials and ask on the forums
        Wikki, Buzz and all that old already mentioned resources are usefull.
        You will probably want to take a look at Paragon Scripting Archives (