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    thx, I think I know the solution to my problem, though it's not that decent.

    I can't create a timer function in weaponfire ( because it's not a subclass of "Actor"), however I CAN create the timer function in the combo.

    the use of this....

    I could put ' DoFireEffect(); ' in the PostBeginPlay function of the MegablastFire class. I tested this and it WILL start to shoot a beam. However .. it are only 2 beam ( look at the log in my formar post, u see PostBeginPlay appears to be executed 2 times ) and the timer function doesn't work there.

    I could do it the way Grzech suggested in the beginning, spawn the weapon, let it fire, and destroy it. I got the feeling this will work but as I said, it's not a decent way, but it will do good enough for my combo.

    edit: It Indeed works this way. I want to thank everyone for helping =]

    THANKS :up: