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Question about registering bots

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    Question about registering bots

    I've been working thru the wiki scripting tutorials without too many problems until I reached the "Spawning your own bot" tutorial.

    Normally for the mutator mods like Low Gravity or Regeneration, you extend off of mutator. Eventually you create an INT file associated with your new class and then you modify UT2003.ini to add your mutator.

    But this bot tutorial doesn't extend mutator anywhere. How do I "register" my new classes NewDeathMatch, NewPawn, and New Controller. Do I have to create INT files for these classes as well or modify UT2003.ini?


    If you extend a class from say, XDeathmatch (deathmatch game? can't recall right now), that means you should have everything there already to create your own game type. If your game type doesn't show up on the game type menu, that is usually because you haven't any maps for it, or may have mistyped the map prefix.


      So all I need to do is create a map?

      Regarding the new classes I created, all I have to do is "ucc make"? I don't have to create INT files or do anything to UT2003.ini?



        If you check your UT2003.log file you should see an error that essentially says "succesfully loaded (your new gametype) package but can't find any maps". If you use a new prefix for your maps for your mod, you just need to create/copy a map with the new prefix and your mod should show up.

        I don't think you need an int file, at least for UT2k4, I didn't need to create one for my mod but I made one anyways after it was already working in game. If it turns out you need an int file, just copy one and change the various entries to match your mod, but I don't think you need one as those are more for mutators rather than new game types.


          Also, you dont have to create your own maps so long as you set the map prefix = to something that already exists (DM, CTF, etc).

          When you create your new gametype, there are some defaults properties that need to be set up:

          default properties
          // all your others
          GameName="Your Game Name"
          Acronym="DM" // ??? I have no idea, but put it there
          MapPrefix="DM" // or whatever you want to use
          Description="Description of your gametype."

          Then after you compile your packages, in a dos prompt in the UT2004/System folder type:

          ucc exportcache mypackage.u

          Where the mypackage is the name of your package.

          Then, fire up UT2004 and see if your game shows up in Instant Action list.