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Requirements for STY_Alpha in DrawSpriteWidget?

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    Requirements for STY_Alpha in DrawSpriteWidget?

    I'm trying to make my own texture to draw to the HUD using DrawSpriteWidget in HudBase, but I'm having some problems with it...

    Basically, I can't get the widget to draw if I use STY_Alpha, which is what I would like (to get transparencies). The widget works fine on STY_None, STY_Normal, etc.

    I tried to use InterfaceContent.HUD.SkinA as a reference, but I can't tell what I'm doing incorrectly. I made sure to compress my texture as a DXT 5. What am I missing?


    Why not use STY_Translucent? It worked for my HUD. Anything that is black is invisible, and the brigter the colours, the more opaque.


      Make certain that when you declare the texture in the properties that the Alpha part of it is not set to 0, e.g.


      A=192 being the alpha
      0=invisible, 255=fully visible.

      Also, AFAIK the FIRST colour in the colour-table of the texture is going to be completely invisible no matter what Alpha you are using so make sure you edit that correctly in Photoshop or whatever you are using. (I normally save mine as .pcx but it shouldn't matter what format you use)


        everything's working now.

        here's what i did:

        before i couldn't even get an image to show in unreal under STY_Alpha at all. after making sure my images were in index colour mode before importing (which they weren't before) i could at least get the image to show up. i made sure that the colour i wanted to be transparent was listed first in the colour table, but the transparency still wouldn't work.

        so i used the suggestion to switch to STY_Translucent and everything was fine.

        thanks a lot guys!