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Unique Identifier for "ingame" objects?

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    Unique Identifier for "ingame" objects?

    I would like to expand placeable objects with new properties and was thinking of a solution based on a unique identifier instead of modifiying the class actor to add new variables.

    For Players there is PlayerID, and Objects defines a struc GUID (Global unique ID)

    but I have seen not one example using it (except some Cache-Functions which did not really get me any further).

    Does someone know how the GUID is used?

    If there is no GUID, a different approche could be extending class actor but this would only work, if my object would be of class actor - but not if my object is from class weapon or class pawn.

    So do I have to make up several new classes extending pawn, weapon and so on? ???

    Any ideas ?


    Never used the GUID myself but I think I saw on the Wiki page or in the code itself (?) that the GUID was used for "future" purposes, when Unreal is going to be "com" enabled ... So far I found nothing using the GUID ...


      GUID for Classes is for Classes not for Class instances.
      Also there's no use for GUID in unrealscript, it's pretty much native only.


        If I rember right you can run Ut2004 with a command that gives unique names to all objects in game (so stuff like saving works) I'm reasonably sure you can access these names in script (also while spwaning something you can name it optionaly)



          that will give every object a unique name, that's required when using savegames