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    Learning Unreal Script

    Hi, I am a Computer Games Programming student and as a summer project I have joined a UT2004 mod team in a hope that I can learn the language for use in my final year project.
    I have followed all the 3DBuzz VTM's and learnt alot about setting up the devlopment enviroment and making mutators.
    I am now at the stage where I feel I need to be learning the classes available to me from UnrealScript in order to progress, but I dont have any idea what the best way to achieve this is.
    Any experienced or newbie programmers out there have any advice as to the best way to learn UnrealScript? As it isnt my programming that is the issue but rather gaining the knolledge of what Unreal already has in place.

    Any advice is appreciated.


    I recommend you visit the Wiki and the UDN, if you haven't already.

    The best way to familiarize yourself with the classes is to write mods. Start with a new weapon and a mutator to add it to the game, then maybe a new gametype.


      I have done weapon mods and a couple of mutators (speciffically the ones from the 3DBuzz VTM's). WIKI I have checked out but there doesnt seam to be a huge ammount of stuff just a couple of overviews, as for UDN to be honnest I couldnt quite figure it out. Alot of the documents seamed to be restricted and I coudnt find anything that seamed relevant. Am I just looking in the wrong place?

      Thanks again


        There isn't anything specific to the UT2004 classes on the UDN, but this page has a lot of good general UScript information.


          If you already know C++ or Java, then the official Unrealscript language reference
          will come in handy for learning the syntax and rules in comparison to other OOP languages.

          I wrote a weapon making tutorial which may come in handy to you. I've tried to make the real working examples as self-explanatory as possible, and also explain in detail the duty of the classes and how they fit together.

          The code is easy to read, as it is syntax highlighted by Webcpp, one of my other pet projects.


            Use UnCodeX

            One of my problems was finding classes and methods they implement. UnCodeX at helped a lot.

            The tool especially connects Packages and the classes the implement so you easily can jump from class tree to the directory where the file is acutally stored.

            I had to fix the path-settings a bit, but nothing hard to manage.



              i recommend this site, very good for beginner to programming also