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    beyond mutators...

    *Edit: Gah. I made a new thread instead of replying. Wonderful. Anyway, I was referring to the 3dbuzz tutorial VTM's that came with the special edition of UT2k4.

    The're great if you want to make a mutator...

    I find there is almost zero information on how to make a complete gametype though... some helpful stuff, sure... but theres a lot of stuff missing too

    There are a couple great total conversions coming out now...
    Red Orchestra, FragOps, and several others... they don't really use ANY of the 'stock' content, with respect to weapons, pickups, etc... even the 'player stats' are vastly different...

    I haven't been able to find some good resources on how to start without all that junk if you're not going to use it, and start building virtually from the ground up, aside from the engine itself.

    Or is all of that content there, but not active in all of these mods?

    For making gametypes, I'd read a lot of the source code in the UnrealGame and XGame classes folders. And also XInterface if you are planning on making your own HUD.

    As far as Frag Ops and RO, etc...TC mods usually consist of teams of people with specialized skills (coders, texture artists, modellers, animators, level designers). All the content you speak of is a product of group effort and teamwork of the TC mod team that they have built from scratch.

    Do you have people willing to work on your team? If you want to start a TC mod you'll need a **** good, well thought out and organized idea and conceptual models if you want to be taken seriously while recruiting people to work for you.

    I don't have any links to resources, but I've seen threads in this forum for what you need to do to get started on a TC mod.


      I'd love to do a TC...

      But I dont have what it takes to be a valuable part of a team, let alone a team leader. Yet.

      Thats what I'm trying to learn, though.

      Looking at XGame is definately a good place to start. Thats what I've been doing for the last couple days.

      So far, I've basically taken the DeathMatch gametype, and gutted it.

      I've got my own gametype built on top of UnrealMPGameInfo... and I'm slowly adding bits to it as I learn.

      It's just difficult to look at the whole thing at once, and figure out what everthing does... especially when a lot of it isn't NECESSARY for the game to work... its just added features.

      I'm trying to build a well commented skeleton for a whole project as I discover what everything does... but so far its a pretty slow process


        For a gametype, you'll may likely be using subclasses of: UnrealMPGameInfo, HudBase, GameReplicationInfo, ScoreBoardDeathMatch, and the AI squad code too. And local message classes for game specific messages on the HUD.

        You may browse the source code of my first gamtetype if you'd like to learn from an isolated example. It's really simple, so I think it would be a good example if you're just learning gametypes.