As you can see here it has guns, and yes, I did get them attached to the mech and working. But they look like something by Epic (cheap thrill).

I stopped for a little bit and thought about how to let forces act on the arms. What I mean by that? This is what I mean: if the guns fire the arms spring, they keep up with the player's aim and each arm has a particular bound.

I don't know anything about Karma Physics but I think that it can be done. Looking at the ONSWeapon, from that class you get 1 yaw and 1 pitch rotations, and we'll need 3 pitch and 2 yaw rotations to make the arm work.

My first thought was to have something like a ball and socket for the base, then perhaps a henge for the elbow, and lastly another ball and socket.

If you can shed light on this please do. :bulb: