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Creating a Mod package

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    Creating a Mod package

    OK, I want to create sub-folder in UT2004 and have all my Mod stuff in there. Lets call this folder Blah and so the Mod will be called Blah.

    Now I have the UT2K4MOD.ini folder set to like this:
    ModDesc="Blah doing blah stuff."

    Then this is the directory structure inside the sub-folder:

    Now I have a map named BH-Test.ut2 inside the maps folder. I have a sub-folder named Classes inside the Blah sub-folder. In it are the uncompiled classes.

    Now in my System folder I have this:
    default.ini - contains Path stuff to add (maps, system, ucl)
    defuser.ini - nothing in there
    Blah.u - compiled file
    Blah.ucl - see following for explanation

    Now UDE did not create a .ucl file so I used exportcache to create it. So the Blah.ucl file is also there in the above folder.

    When I rusn UT2K4, then Activate this sucker, it works. I then go into Instant Action and I dont find anything in there. My gametype does not show up. How come? The log does not complain about anything ( I believe it will complain if there are no avialable maps for my gametype).

    My gameclass works normally if I put it in the UT2004/System folder and not create a sub-folder. Can anyone help?

    There is a bug in the -MOD switch

    I think your problem is related to a bug I found in using the -MOD switch from the command line.

    Everything seems to work ok, but the bug is simply this.

    When UT2004 merges the original .ini files with your own, it fails to merge the paths correctly.

    It seems that it only merges the last path in your default.ini and defuser.ini.

    That could be the problem.

    Open the new .ini files in your mod system directory and check the Paths variables.

    Correct them as need be.

    When you run again, the .ini files will not be re-created and your paths will remain in tact.

    I tried to submit this as a bug to epic, but could not find out who to send it to. They told me to post on the forums.

    Let me know if that was the problem.


      Ya, you are right. It does not add the paths except the last one. But it does add the cache path.

      Also it does not add the GameType line.

      I did try manually adding the necessary stuff, but it does not work. Any other suggestions? Thanks for help.


        Actually since it uses Dynamic Arrays for the paths you have to add a + sign in front of the paths you want to use .. thats why you only get the last paths.


          Thank you mrslatezb.

          Here is my solution for anyone that went thru this headache like I did today:

          -put the + before the path lines in the default.ini file
          -use UDE (or Wotgreal) to compile the package for you (make sure you make it compile even if its already, it will tell you how)
          -create a shortct (using windows) with this property C:\UT2004\System\UCC.exe exportcache -mod=Blah Blah.u
          and put it inside the Blah\System folder
          -execute the short-cut to get the .ucl file for your mod
          -now try running UT2k4, activate your mod, make sure you have log file open and look for any complaints (such as map not loading up)
          -you should see your gametype now with a map

          If you are using a custom map prefix, create a simple cube in UnrealEd and name it with the prefix you used. Put that in your maps folder. When you run UT2k4 it should create .ucl file for your map as well.

          I hope this helps out people. Honestly, I cant find any clear documentation on doing this stuff, its almost like walking in the dark trying to get this stuff to work.

          Thanks guys.


            Are you saying that in the default.ini file, to get the paths to add properly you need the following syntax?