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xPawn/AI Controller help needed!

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    xPawn/AI Controller help needed!

    I have an xPawn.
    I have an AI Controller.
    Together they can do many wonderful things.

    BUT.. I have a problem.
    I cannot get an xPawn animation to finish playing if there is another action following the animation.
    To be specific:
    I cannot get my xPawn to 'destroy' itself after it goes thru the 'dying' animation. Once the 'wait for event' is in place after the 'playanim' - the animation does NOT play at all & the xPawn goes straight to the next event & destroys itself.

    I can play the animation or destroy the xPawn - but I cannot do both in a controlled sequence.

    Here is the sequence I need:

    xPawn runs to point a / gets shot / falls down dead / actor is destroyed.
    I'm stumped.
    I really need the animation to play and I really need the xPawn to destroy itself once the animation is complete.

    Thoughts? Comments? Solutions?

    If I'm not mistaken, once a pawn is destroyed, well, it's destroyed... Try setting it to "bhidded" instead of destroying it. However, if you destroy it, you will probably have to summon it agian since it is no long there after it becomes destroyed the first time. I could be wrong but give it a try...

    To Your Success!




      Ghost.. I know that.
      But before I destroy him - I NEED HIM TO FALL DOWN.
      I cannot get him to fall down & then be destroyed.
      I can either destroy him - or make him fall - but I can't do both in succession.

      Any other ideas?


        Nevermind, folks.
        I cheated the system.
        I'm sure there was a better way... but I'm running outta time.

        C yas,