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scripting tuts and general advice.

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    scripting tuts and general advice.

    hi all,

    ive just got myself angel mapper's basic tut on scripting and was wondering if there was any other good ones you guys know about that are for ut2004 and would cover adding custom animations - i want to start simple by making a weapon mod, but i want to do custom meshes and animations.

    does this make it harder? do i have to script animations as such, or is it just a case of importing them into ued and assigning them to an actor?

    Also, is there any way to change the size of a projectile. i might start off withthe basics by just modding a link gun and increasing the projectile size until the mesh and anims are dun. is this do-able?

    in case anyone's interested, i quite fancy making the bfg 10000 from doom - i havent seen this done yet, and it thought it would be good to learn basic coding this way....

    (btw - i wouldnt have it as a super weapon, maybe replace the rocket launcher or something and speed up its firing, so its more like the one from quake 3, but slightly slower and a more chunky mesh)

    any help would be appreciated. cheers.