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Custom Vehicle doesn't move...

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    Custom Vehicle doesn't move...


    I followed the tutorial on the videos that came with the DVD... and nothing seems to work.

    Basically, I replaced the mesh with a custom one... complete with all identical bones, and while I CAN jump right into the vehicle (After summoning it into the battle), It refuses to go anywhere... it just sits there. I've tried it with 3 vehicle types... the hoverbike, hovertank, and the PRV....

    Can anyone provide me with some guidance?


    Have you added a collision-box to the vehicle in Ued?


      No... is that important? How do you do it?

      I'll try that once I figure it out, thanks!


        Easy - [list=1][*]In UeD, open your vehicle in the animation browser. [*]Go to the "View" menu at the top and choose "Collision". (This will let you actually see the collision boxes you create)[*]On the right, you'll see a section called Collision. Open it.[*]Add a Collision box[*]Put a 1 next to bBlockKarma, bBlockNonZero, and bBlockZeroExtent[*]In BoneName, enter the name of your "root" bone[*]Adjust the X/Y/Z radii and the offset to fit your vehicle.[*]Save (and save often)[/list=1]

        Depending on the complexity, you may need more than one collision box. For instance, my Gorilla has around 16, while the FlakRat has 1, and the NodeRunner has 3.