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vehicles through a transporter

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    vehicles through a transporter

    I have been trying to get a vehicle through a transporter for a few days now
    (I know it can be done). I have made a little map (download time 1 second,
    10 k) in size to illustrate. I deleted my ut2004.ini and unrealed.ini first
    to make sure I didnt have any issues with bad settings. The map has two
    visible transporters and one vehicle and then I to go through them. It
    doesnt work and yes its exactly like the vehicle tries to teleport back and
    forth. However, I do have the destiantion transporter benabled =false and
    the vechicles bcanteleport = true. So it should work.

    Anyway anyone want to check it out for me? (download time 1 second)

    Matt Pratt