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Impersonator samples and tools released

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    Impersonator samples and tools released

    As part of Epic’s commitment to providing outstanding support and features for mod authors using Unreal Tournament 2004 as a mod platform, Epic integrated a licensed version of the Impersonator speech and facial animation tool from OC3 Entertainment ( ), making it easy for mod authors to create realistic and emotive talking characters. Impersonator support is integrated directly into the UT2004 game editor, UnrealEd, once UT2004 is patched to version 3204. Epic Games and OC3 Entertainment are today releasing tools, samples, and documentation for Impersonator, available at .

    - Steven Polge

    is there plugs for max9 I can get anywhere? I don't see anything higher then v6 or maya v5 I dont have a serial code for maya5 and don't have an earlier copy of max.

    thanks for any info