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    Processing Touch?

    Hey all, I tried searching the forums, couldnt come up with anything so here goes.

    Im creating "Tag" for UT2004. Boring? Probably.

    In the TagPawn, I have tried to make it so that if you are touching another tagpawn, it will switch who is "it" (assuming one of you is).

    Sounds Simple. But when I override the event Touch it doesnt process when I touch another player, only inventory.

    Also, I tried overriding the Tick function and doing:
    foreach TouchingActors(class'TagPawn', taggingPawn)
    Level.Game.Broadcast(self, "Touched");
    isIt = true;
    // set the player replication info garbage
    TagPlayerReplicationInfo(taggingPawn.PlayerReplica tionInfo).playerIsIt = false;
    TagPlayerReplicationInfo(self.PlayerReplicationInf o).playerIsIt = true;

    However, the message is never broadcast even when I am like right on top of someone.

    Would I pass the controller through to see if they are being touched? I would have thought the pawn would make more sense..

    Am I just being stupid?

    See if Bump does the trick for ya


      hmm that sounds interesting, I will try it out.


        That did it, thanks!