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    procedural sound

    does anyone know what a procedural sound is for?
    i am trying to change sounds of the weapons. i changed triggering sounds of the weapons but not sounds that we hear when a grenade crashes or when bullets hit a wall?
    i realized that i have to change procedural sounds, but i cannot play them in unrealed?
    are there any good tutorials on this?

    Here's some info:

    Here's the class's code:
    // gam ---
    class ProceduralSound extends Sound
    var(Sound) Sound BaseSound;
    var(Sound) float PitchModification;
    var(Sound) float VolumeModification;
    var(Sound) float PitchVariance; 
    var(Sound) float VolumeVariance;
    var transient float RenderedPitchModification;
    var transient float RenderedVolumeModification;
    So it looks like the ProceduralSounds are just wrappers which contain a "BaseSound" plus info about how to play that sound.

    I can see the ProceduralSound called "P1GrenFloor1" in WeaponSounds (viewing all, with fully loaded package).
    I eventually found its base sound: (BaseGunTech.)BGrenFloor1. Though the base sound name mightn't match the ProceduralSound name in all cases, it seems to most of the time.

    For the impact sound though you can use any sound.

    BTW, I don't know how you create new procedural sounds... well I can make new ones, but I can't change their properties (unless you used unrealscript...)



      how do you guess the name of a "base sound"... maybe i can start changing original base sounds and then i will get these procedural sounds changed?
      i can use the script, but i don't know how to access these stupid procedural sounds.
      there must somebody who changed the sound when a bullet hits the wall.. 100 %. i belive.



        Re: ffffffffffff

        vladacar: (I'll respond to your post in a roundabout way...)

        I have exported all of the .uc scripts using UnrealEd's browser.
        In \Onslaught\Classes\ONSGrenadeProjectile.uc it said that ImpactSound is
        ProceduralSound'WeaponSounds.PGrenFloor1.P1GrenFlo or1'.

        I just had a hunch that the base sound would contain the word "grenade" in it somehow... and it kind of did... it contained GrenFloor1, like the procedural sound did.

        If you used unrealscript you could find out the base sound by doing this:

        log((ProceduralSound'WeaponSounds.PGrenFloor1.P1Gr enFloor1').BaseSound);

        if that doesn't work, try this: (inside a function)

        local ProceduralSound psound;
        psound = ProceduralSound'WeaponSounds.PGrenFloor1.P1GrenFlo or1';

        You can modify the base sound by doing this: (I think)
        psound.BaseSound = Sound'MenuSounds.Select3';
        (or whatever sound you want)

        You could probably also overwrite the original base sound in WeaponSounds.uax but that would a bad idea because you'd have to send that whole package to people if they want to hear your weapon sounds, and changing ut2004's main packages might cause problems with online security checks.


          it seems that my unrealed could not export all classes coreclty.
          i cannot find Onslaught\Classes\ONSGrenadeProjectile.uc
          i don't have that folder also.
          i am using 2003..


            I replied to your same topic in the BU forums


              Originally posted by vladacar
              it seems that my unrealed could not export all classes coreclty.
              i cannot find Onslaught\Classes\ONSGrenadeProjectile.uc
              i don't have that folder also.
              i am using 2003..
              Ok. I was assuming you were talking about the sticky grenades in UT2004. Well the grenades for the alt-fire of the assault rifle are the "grenade" class in UT2004. (perhaps it's the same in UT2003) In UT2004 this is in the XWeapons package. It is a subclass of Projectile as well, and its ImpactSound is the same (ProceduralSound'WeaponSounds.PGrenFloor1.P1GrenFl oor1'). The names might be different in UT2003 but hopefully you'll figure it out. I recommend switching over to UT2004 sometime since I think more people play that nowadays.


                I would really like to know how real procedural sounds are coded in.


                  bump this thread just to stress it

                  me too.

                  Since i don't want to change an existing sound package because i can't delete existing groups in them thus it would end in a very crappy package and i still wouldn't be able to _change_ the existing procedural sound properties.


                    ProceduralSound is no longer used in UT2004. All references (including the one mentioned above) to them have been changed to regular sounds. It seems they are no longer in use, therefor changing them in script is moot, since it wouldnt work anymore(I've got the 3339 code drop).


                      Procedural sounds haven't worked since 2K3 was released. You can fake a similar effect by using a SoundGroup though. Open your sound in an editing program (GoldWave, CoolEdit etc) and make some variations to the sound pitch, saving each one as a seperate sound. Import them all to Ued and create a new SoundGroup. Add your sounds to the SoundGroup array, then reference the SoundGroup in your code.

                      When the impact sound (or whatever sound you're using) is played, it will randomly choose a sound from the group, giving a nice variation to the sounds.


                        ...sorry, but that's bullsh!t. Most of the weapons DO USE procedural sounds. Check the sounds for the shieldgun for example: There's ONE SAMPLE only that IS played with pitch variation.

                        You can't tell me Epic didn't create new sounds since 2003, can you?


                          No. They dont use them.

                          Download the 3339 source off of UDN and search it for procedural sounds. Go ahead, humor me. Prove me wrong. You'll find one reference to it, and that is the class itself. Nowhere else in any of the source code are procedural sounds used. Where they used to be, they are no longer, and have been replaced with regular sounds.

                          As said above, you can use sound groups. They are transparent to uscript (meaning the soundgroup picks a random sound on its own), so they work just wonderfully.


                            Thank you Bonehead, glad someone knows what they're talking about