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    Newbie question

    Yes, I'm quite the n00b to UScript, so I'll make this brief.

    I'm wondering if/how it could be done to have an adrenal combo stop after it's been initiated. Perhaps by use of a keybind, or even just tapping in the combo again, etc.

    Help appreciated, thanks.

    Find the code part where the combos are handled, replicate the code that ends them and stick that into the key alias detection system of a mutator...

    to do that, of course, you'd first have to export all scripts (done in UnrealEd) and find a tutorial on how to compile your own scripts (forgot where I got mine, was ages ago) and then get crackin'

    ... have taken a sneak peek:
    the code's in xPawn.uc
    the xPawn's got a var "CurrentCombo"
    just do CurrentCombo.Destroy();
    of course you'd have to do that from a mutator's code so you'd first have to get a pointer to the Pawn whose combo you want to destroy...


      Much thanks, that was certainly less confusing than I was making it on myself.