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Is there a list of Vehicle Parameters available?

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    Is there a list of Vehicle Parameters available?

    Does anyone know of an online list of default properties for each class of vehicle and their respective weapons?

    Many of them are relatively easy to sort out (fireinterval=0.2, bTurninPlace=true, etc.) but others aren't quite so clear. For instance, on the hovercraft, there's the hovercraft params HoverSoftness=0.090000, HoverPenScale=1.000000, and HoverCheckDist=200.000000, and for Roll there's RollTorqueTurnFactor=450.000000, RollTorqueStrafeFactor=50.000000, RollTorqueMax=12.500000.

    Obviously, these have to do with hover performance and roll performance, but what effect does each parameter have?

    There looks like there's hundreds of default properties per vehicle class, and I simply don't have the time to go Tweak > Compile > Play > Test > Observe > Tweak > Compile > etc..... for every single one. It'd be awesome to have a list in front of me of what does what, so I can concentrate on fixing an issue instead of testing 200 parameters that may or may not be relevant.

    look at the code in the supper class and check wiki