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Mecha Vehicle Coding idea/question.

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    Mecha Vehicle Coding idea/question.

    This is basically a new thread raising what I posted in another thread. Sorry, forgot where I was...

    Thread Mecha Vehicle Coding idea/question extends removing unwanted default properties from extended classes

    You see, I want to make a type of animated Mecha. I've nearly finished the model, complete with skeleton and IK. Now here's my idea.

    Pawn is the class used to represent the player (i.e. the PC) in the game, right? My design is more like a regular animated character than a vehicle. So most of the activities of the mecha can be covered by just calling functions from Pawn. And Vehicle is an extension of Pawn... SVehicle an extension of Vehicle... ONSVehicle - blah, blah, blah...

    Is there a way to make a new class of vehicle (my Mecha) that acts very much like an oversised player model - BUT copies a wad of the code from the vehicle subclasses, to make it possessable, tilt over uneven ground, carry default mounted weapons etc.?

    I am a programming virgin. The best I could do is copy, paste and maybe fiddle blindly with some of the numbers. Can you guys tell me if this is possible. How difficult will it be. And could you, um, tell me how the hell to do it? (where the pieces of code I want are)

    I can post images of my mech later, it's just my network is down and it's on a different computer.

    I do not want to be too negative but I suppose there'll be required more than simple copy-paste engineering...

    You at least need some basic scripting skills as well as basic knowledge of the Unreal Classes... oh, yes and PLENTY of spare time


      I'd say at it's simplest, you could do this by extending pawn and pasting in the code that makes the player enter and take control when the user presses the use key.

      This would make a pawn that acts like a normal pawn but can be entered like a vehicle.


        If that works send me a snipped of the code... I'd definitely want to see that...


          Oooh, I wan't to see that model! And I hope you get this thing working! :up: