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Polling conole/HUD

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    First, I have to apologize, as what I am going to tell you is only got from my memory. But as nobody have replyied, I think I can give you this guidelines.

    So, you have to get what was typed in the HUD; Do a search for where BroadcastLocalizedMessage is called. There you will get what was typed.

    Then, you have to build a function to parse what was typed and generate the console commands. The first place I would put this code is in a Controller subclass.

    Finally, you call ConsoleCommand( string Command ) with your new command.

    Hope that helps

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  • started a topic Polling conole/HUD

    Polling conole/HUD

    Hi there,

    I'm trying to script up a class that monitors the HUD where users type messages (e.g. ">say blah", ">addbots 1", ">whatever i want").

    Was curious the UScript way of doing this?