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Weapon model effects?

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    Weapon model effects?

    Has anyone played the UT2004RPG mutator? Have you noticed that the "Magic" weapons ("[Weapon] of Force" or "Poisoned [Weapon]" etc.) seem to have some sort of coloured "effect" (can't think of a better word) on the model, that wraps around it?

    For my first mutator, a simple Shock Rifle modification, I'd like to be able to use an effect on it, similar to the UT2004RPG Magic weapons. How do I go about doing this? I've looked at the "RPGWeapon.uc" and "RW_Force.uc" files in the UT2004RPG source code, and have deduced from this that the effect has something to do with an extension of the "Weapon" class, and it has to be applied through altering the "defaultproperties" of the new class created as an extension of "Weapon".

    Well, what I saw was that "RW_Force" was an extension of "RPGWeapon", and "RPGWeapon" was an extension of "Weapon".

    Other than that, I haven't actually been able to deduce anything further than this. Therefore, I haven't actually managed to find out what actual code is used to apply the effect. Can someone offer their help here, please?

    Many thanks.

    Yeah its just a texture overlay... check out the code associated with the normal double damage pickup (UDamagePack.uc)... I think the RPG mutator just subclasses off of it.