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Passing Instigator?

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    Passing Instigator?

    Im having problems with a few weapons where after a player dies there is a accessed none for instigator or instigated by.

    I have a gas grenade that blows up into a green cloud and spawns a dummy projectile at its hit location that spawns damage every second or so. Works fine unless the player dies then it gets errors. ATM i just made it so that if instigator != none spawn the damage so if the player dies it just stops.

    We also have a grenade that blows up into a few spider mines (with short life so you cant spam em heh) but if you die before they come out (i guess anyway) the same error seems to happenm, no instagtor and a suicide instead of a kill (i know sas and RO had something like this happen with their nades for a while).

    So how would i go about storing the instigator so if you die it still knows who you are?

    Only seems to happen with weapons that spawn something after you die, like if you shoot a rocket die and spawn it will still kill someone and give you the credit, but like with the gas if you die it stops knowingwho you are and spawns damage from noone

    It's an old bug that used to exist everywhere (still does a bit). There is now an InstigatorController projectile variable to fix it. Use it if Instigator is none.


      Ohh thanks ill try that


        That fixed it


        If anyones wondering how to do it look at the bioglob function SplashGlobs

        :up: :up: