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ONSWaterCom Beta 0.02 (Now with ION Plasma Tank)

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    ONSWaterCom Beta 0.02 (Now with ION Plasma Tank)

    And now we have Beta 0.02 of my water freindly vehicles, vCTF Vehicle options (Added a Leviathan that cannot carry the flag), and the new ION Plasma Tank Replacer (use the ION Plasma Tank in place of the Goliath )

    Here's the link:

    And here's the readme, it explains all and list all new additions, bug fixes:

    Water Compatible Vehicles BETA 0.02, and Usefull Mutators - A mutator for UT2004 by Hsoolien Sgarm of Unrealcore team ( or

    1. Installation

    Here is a root structure displaying where each file should go.
    .. UT2004 folder

    --- System
    --- Help

    Run UT2004, from the Mutators list you should now have CTFVehicles, ION Tank Replacer and Water Friendly Vehicle Arena
    For Mappers you will now have water friendly vehicles to insert in to you're map if you open ONSWaterCom.u in UnrealEd they are all subclassed off their originals

    2. What does CTFVehicles do then?

    Allows you to have Leviathans that cannot carry flags and Mantas and/or Raptors that can carry the flag in Vehicle CTF, something I think should have been left as an option.

    3. What does Water Freindly Vehicle Arena do then?

    The same thing as Vehicle Arena that shipped with UT2004, except it replaces the vehicles with my water friendly ones (usefull for maps that have water ) and also lets you have the option of the TC-1200, the ION Plasma Tank, the Leviathon, and the Raptor and Manta that can carry a flag

    4. What doess the ION Tank Replacer do then?

    Replaces any Goliaths in the map with the ION Plasma Tank. Have fun

    5. What are water friendly vehicles?

    Right now if you're in a vehicle under water and you get out, you are suspended there. These vehicles give mappers the option of having water in their map and not having this BS to deal with, well sort of anyways for now...

    6. Who made this? How can I contact them?

    Hsoolien made this, and you will find the most current version @


    7. Vesion History

    BETA 0.02 -Current-
    You can now use the Ion Plasma Tank via the Arena Mutator
    Fixed getting out at all positions of vehicle, so you don't have to enter the vehicle again and exit while in the driver seat
    Raptor is Destroyed if you try to pilot it into the water. Come on, how many planes do you know that mix well with the liquid elelment?
    Added an option for a Leviathan that cannot carry the flag to CTFVehicles Mutator
    Added the ION Tank Replacer Mutator

    BETA 0.01
    The first release and yes I know it's buggy
    Currently you can get out of any vehicle under water if you are in the driver position, and be able to swim away

    6. Know bugs

    -When you get into a vehicle under water, it's all ****ed up
    -When you switch postition under water it's all ****ed up
    -Some vehicles (like say the Manta) should float on the water, they don't.

    7. Future Items

    -Translocator option for vCTF?
    -Specific Vehicle Replacer?
    -Make the Manta float on water
    -Make it so getting into a vehicle under water does not **** things up
    -Make it so switching postitions under water does not **** **** up
    -Convert some assault vehicles to water friendly, and maybe make them available to vCTF Onslaught
    -A better Vehicle Arena Mut, one that lists all vehicles you have installed (currently this means all turrets of vehicles you have installed as well... ghey). instead of the ones I know of.
    -Make the bomber work

    Thanks for trying... Hsoolien

    Report bugs/questions/comments to