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HUD Warnings in new Gametypes

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    HUD Warnings in new Gametypes

    While I'm testing my new gametype, I get hundreds of warnings in my logfile about the HUD, all along the lines of these:

    Warning: BSHUD BS-TestLevel.BSHUD (Function XInterface.HudCDeathmatch.DrawSpectatingHud:029C) Accessed None 'Owner'
    Warning: BSHUD BS-TestLevel.BSHUD (Function XInterface.HudCDeathmatch.GetInfoString:00BC) Accessed None 'PlayerOwner'

    BSHUD is a class I've made that extends HUD_Assault, but doesn't add or change anything (yet). I made the class to see if it got rid of the errors (which were occurring before I created the new class), and it didn't.

    My gametype extends ASGameInfo (Assault gametype), and many of its properties are still unchanged from the Assault gametype.

    Anyone know what I need to do to fix those warnings? Or will they clear up on their own when I get around to really making the HUD?