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coders, help me make an xweather effect thats NOT backwards

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    coders, help me make an xweather effect thats NOT backwards

    i posted this in the level editing forum, but maybe no one there knows. can anyone help me, or make for me, or post code on how to, make an xweather effect thats not backwards.

    posted from other link:

    okay, if youve ever used an xweather effect on an INDOOR map, you might think theyre "backwards." they work by adding it in, and then setting the distances. but if you have any indoor structures, you place a volume around it and tag it with the same tag as the xweather effect, and it wont rain or snow inside your volume. thats all well and great, until i come along and think it would be neat to put one of these bad boys in an indoor map. which means i have to block off EVERYTHING BUT where i want it to go. if you check out my map below, youll see an example of this. not fun.

    so my question is, for all you coders out there, or people more experienced than i, if its possible, and if so how, to make an effect that allows me to either swap the properties so that it only works IN the volumes, or just works in volumes and not out of them.

    basically, i want the rain/snow IN the volumes, and not outside of them. this would make my life a LOT easier.

    the only other option is to use a standard emitter, which arent force effected. im going for snow, so i want force effected items.