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    Macros and stuff

    Im a n00b in UT2003...

    I was wondering if you guys know a place where I can get help with macro's for my keyboard.
    I would for example want to have a key for quick changing weapons to pulse rifle to and if i dont have that to flak and if i dont have that....
    Well I want to make a macro on one of my keys and I need some tips on how I can manage this. Also a special key instead of strafe left like jump left... two tapps on strafe left key, etc.

    Ohh and Scripting... I would like to know how that works, am I able to change my game? Does that affect my Internet playing?
    Can I make a specal for "me" script... like wall jump ? that noone else utilizes ?

    Im a n00b so please help me out.

    Ohhh by the way Im going to make some models...