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Pawn Mesh Setup (properly)

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    Pawn Mesh Setup (properly)

    I have been working on some mod stuff for a few people, who want to have some new characters and put a mod together slowly..

    Well, first task is to get the new classes/pawns into game and working properly.

    I know you can set do the mesh and it replicate Skin[0], but not the rest... unfortunately, these are humans, so they need Skin[1]..

    It is a Class (rpg) style flow, so the characters are chosen ingame, not via playersettings.

    I have heard a bunch of different ways to do this, and have experimented with them, to no avail.

    I have a UPL which the names, etc in them, as well as actual Pawn classes for each, if it would work that way.

    I cant get this to work either way, so any help would be much obliged