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pawn rotation errors and animation orientation errors

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    pawn rotation errors and animation orientation errors

    Apologies to any on the ut2003mods mailing list for the cross-post...

    Hi. I am programming a fish pawn and am having some issues with its rotation as well as the orientation of the animation.

    First, I am trying to rotate the fish to face the desired direction before movement begins (as fish normally do). I am using DrawDebugLine's so that I can see where it is trying to rotate to and where it is actually facing, and I cant get these to line up. I have a rotator which correctly represents the direction of travel, and I am currently trying to call SetRotation(newRotation) and then FinishRotation(). The fish's rotation snaps to the desired rotation when these are called and then rotates back to the rotation it was at previously. Once the MoveTo is called it begins to rotate as a normal pawn would towards its moveto location, but this looks obviously wrong since its a fish and they dont usually swim sideways.

    And the second problem, speaking of swimming sideways, is that the pawn rotation is 90 degrees off from the direction the model is facing. I tried changing the values in ued to reflect that 90 degree shift, but that had no apparent change in game. Is there somewhere else I can modify for this rotation? I can probably find the old model files (they were done years ago by other people), but I have no modelling skills and wouldnt even know where to begin to rotate it in 3ds max (or maya, I dont know which these came from).

    Thanks for all the help and support!